World Music Day in Nairobi

By Ian Jacob 

Fête de la Musique translated as the World Music Day is always celebrated annually on 21st June. The event started in France to celebrate the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) and it’s brain child was an American music producer for the French National Radio, Joel Cohan. The anniversary is a world event to appreciate music and different cultures ,championing unity.

This year, the event took place in 120 countries .Our very own Alliance Française in Nairobi had the honor of hosting the event. Different acts and performances set the stage ablaze and blessed the audience with a taste of something different. The show had three main performances and the headline act of Gato Preto.

Upcoming musicians and students of the French College were the opening act. Simply Blacque band rock the stage next with their out of the norm Afrocentric music. Their music is a blend of East, West and South African music and culture making them a very intriguing act to watch.

Another appealing but not too regular genre of music was French Ivorian reggae. Mamakaffe brought the house down with her vibrant and diverse brand of Jamaican dance hall and hip hop infused tracks. Kenyan classics were not left behind as Bomas of Kenya musicians and dancers thrilled the crowd with their energy packed performances in Giriama , Luhya, Embu and Borana. Gato Preto, the afrofuturistic group, closed the curtains for the show with a combination of electronic beats fused with African pop, creating a beautiful harmony of a new sound . Gato Preto which is Portuguese for “Black Cat” is a group made up of the Femcee Gata Misteriosa, Dj Lee Bass and Dj Moussa Diallo. The event was a success and should grow in order to touch those ignorant to it and it’s message of bringing people together.

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