Jemere Morgan Talks About New Album ‘Self Confidence’ and Willy Paul Collabo

Jamaican singer Jemere Morgan caught up with The Sauce during his recent trip to Kenya to talk about his new album ‘Self-Confidence’ and finding his forever girl in Kenya.

Jemere Morgan is no ordinary musician, he has followed in his father Gramps Morgan of the Morgan Heritage footsteps to become one a certified artist. The ‘Try Jah Love’ hitmaker spoke about his second album titled ‘Self Confidence’ and what it means to him.

Jemere also revealed that he is searching for his forever girl in Kenya and his desire to have a big family someday soon. He went on to speak about his family’s love for Kenya is the reason why the Grammy award-winning reggae group chose Kenya to host the very first Tomorrow Leaders Festival.

He also shared the lessons he has learnt growing up touring the world with his family, the words of advice he has received from his grandfather, the legendary Denroy Morgan and his studio pet peeves. the reason why he grew out his dreadlocks again after cutting them as well as ...more on The Sauce

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