KRG the Don, Magix Enga seek to impress as Gwaash drops new gengeton release ‘Kalongo’

In case you didn't know, gengetone and reggaetone is taking over the airwaves. Now that you do know, here are the top three releases from Kenya’s new urban sound.

Koroga Festival Gwaash is back with another track, and this time he is working with Boondocks Gang. The track dubbed ‘Kalongo’ brings new meaning to the childhood game that was a favorite for every Kenyan kid in the estate. The beat by Mashakurah is a simple headbopper, and is easily etched in one’s memory with the addition of some sexy adlibs. Peppered with sexual innuendo,  Boondocks and Gwaash make for a good collaboration and give their fans just what their want. The track which sees Gwaash thrive with his classic laid back style is a contrast to Boondocks’ upbeat feel, making for an interesting collab that has been trending since its release on June 12th 2019.

KRG The Don and Magix Enga are a match made in heaven. Magix genius and KRG’s bravado makes for the perfect collaboration in their latest drop ‘We Run This’. Incase haujashika randa, this collabo just elevated the music scene with this reggaetone release. Of course Magix Enga produced the beat, and the visuals by Desca Torres are just spectacular. The cityscapes and concept would have anyone thinking this track was shot anywhere else but Nairobi. Kudos to this duo for a job well done.

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