Walshy Fire Releases a Bang from 'Abeng'

By Kabura Ng'anga'a

Walshy Fire has released a new song, ‘African Lady’ from his album Abeng with Ice Prince & Jay Newton featuring Vanessa Mdee. Jay Newton opens up the song with his fine yet well ranged voice putting life to the well written lyrics of the song. Vanessa Mdee then comes through praising the Tanzanian woman; she takes the different regions of the country and speaks on the women in the said region. We all know Vanessa goes hard for her country and she has nothing but good things to say about the Tanzanian-African lady. Ice Prince closes the song with some well laid bars and takes about a calm vibe to his rap.

Walshy Fire is a producer and a DJ. He is part of the Major Lazer duo together with Diplo. He has most of his works in reggae beats and has been part of the Reggae sound system, Black Chiney. With the Abeng album though, Walshy has taken an Afrobeat direction and even in a commentary before the release of his album, he suggested that his mother would be proud of this particular direction.

Abeng has a couple of singles that feature Ice Prince besides ‘African Lady’. ‘African Lady’ is however a chill song that has a summer vibe to it. If during this cold you want to catch such a vibe, listen to African Lady.  

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