TWITTERVIEW: Hanging Out with Big Ghun - Ghana's Giant Rap Sensation

Mdundo was honoured to hang out with big deal Ghanaian rapper Big Ghun. A magnificent giant ball of fun and talent. Working with veteran artist TiC, he recently just released new music and we get to know all about that and more.

Who is @TheBigGhun in a few words?

Big Ghun is a Ghanaian born rapper signed to TNR-Ghana and also filmmaker who strongly believes in the power of African creative industry and hopes to reach the world by staying true to his roots.

How Did U Meet TiC?

About four years ago at a local radio station when I was a panelist. He came to do his interview and we started vibing from there and here we are.

You started music at a very young age... What was your inspiration?

I was inspired by the people around me. My looks made everyone tell how a great rapper I can be when I’m seen in videos. I’ve always been this chubby gangster from those days.(lol)

When did you start recording your music professionally and what's the name of your first song?

‘WalkOff’ was my first major record. But I started taking it seriously in 2017 when I released an EP under an old name. The title was ‘Fame Before Fame’. But professionally ‘WalkOff’ is the vibe I call my first record  any other vibe was me testing the waters...haha

Why the name Big Ghun? Was it a nickname?

GHUN means Greatest Human undefined by nature. And the BIG is self explanatory.

Have you been confused with Rick Ross? How has it influenced your music?

It’s crazy on the streets of Accra in Ghana. I get people calling me Rozay everywhere but im used to it (lol). With the influence, it ain’t much - I do listen to him tho.

We love this great new tune ‘WalkOff’ What's the story behind it?

It’s we telling a girl to stay far away from us because she intrudes in everything we do. I pray the girls don’t take it personal tho...haha

What's the reaction of your fans after you released ‘WalkOff’ with TiC so far? Will you be working with TiC again soon?

Never seen my fans this happy. I haven’t had a negative comment about ‘WalkOff’ so far. They love it and I’m happy. Me and TiC got more faya loading. We ain’t cooling down any time soon.

Which artists have greatly influenced your music journey since you started?

From my name to my style of rap to how to perform and a whole lot is LIT.

Any challenges you've experienced while building your brand? How have you overcome them?

So far I will say my style of rap, at a point I wanted to sound different on every tune and it could affect being identified on songs . But with TiC around I got all that tuned up.

What's your dream collabo and with which artist(s) across the continent?

I will like to do a tune with Teni Entertainer and across the globe Post Malone and Dj Khaled.

What's your top song on your playlist right now?

Honestly I’m honored to be listening to unreleased songs by TiC and he is gonna kill me if I drop the titles-haha. He got crazy bangers I don’t even know when they dropping. My two favorites on repeat can’t be announced I’m sorry about this...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years musically?

It even scares me to think about it. It’s too big it wouldn’t appear realistic when I say it. We talkin world wide penetration. Far beyond anything any African art has done in 5 years

Yaaas!!! All the best... Let's do this again soon.

The small boy sugar daddy has arrived and it's gonna be a long ride so ride with me and stay glued to TNR-Ghana music because we got faya loading.

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