Justin Beiber Challenges Tom Cruise To a Fight

By Ian Jacob

Famous Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, has challenged famous actor Tom Cruise to a kickboxing match . Bieber dropped the challenge on twitter . “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon .Tom if you don’t take this fight, your scared and you will never live it down .Whose willing to put on the fight ? @danawhite?”.

The challenge went viral causing tweeps to wild out ,while the challenge was still on everybody’s twitter fingers ,MMA fighter Corner McGregor tweeted his company would host the match and took a jab at the Mission impossible movie star saying ,“If Tom Cruise is man enough to accept this challenge McGregor sports and entertainment will host the bout ,does cruise have the sprouts to fight like he does in the movies ?Stay tuned to find out”

Tom didn’t respond to the challenge but tweeps had they’re say in the matter “We don’t like your odds Justin ,”MMA fighter Bobby Nash called out the ‘Baby’ singer. The issue started getting out of hand with social media doing what it does best, hyping up what everyone wants to see. TMZ caught up with Justin and he had this to say “It was just a random tweet , I do that stuff sometimes ,”Bieber told the outlet and adding “ I think he would probably whoop my a** in a fight, He’s got that dad strength” .The fight turned out to be one of Justin’s random tweets, Sorry guys, the fight would have made sports entertainment headlines with all the attention it was attracting from sport promoters .

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