All Antennae Out for Burna Boy's 'African Giant'

Burna Boy had a listening party some time earlier this year for a collaborative EP with DJD just before Coechella. He has since been teasing about the release of his new album ‘African Giant’ which might be coming later on this year. We have however not had and/or heard any new material from him.

The Atlantic signed musician has however released his first single since Coechella. The song opens to neon painted faces and an array of amazing dancers. ‘Anybody’ is a chill but danceable tune, as is any other Burna tune.. He offers his vocals in a sure and almost aggressive tone throughout the song which is very Fela of him. We all know that Burna gets a lot of his musical inspiration from Fela and it is visible in the song which is filled with trumpets, the signature Fela instrument.

This might be the first release from the ‘African Giant’ album and if it is, we can’t wait for the full album.


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