Koffee Is Not Spilling on Working with Rihanna Either

By Kabura Ng'ang'a

Koffee caught up  with Ebro on Hot 97. They talked about her penetration into the market, her connect with Chronixx, her upcoming shows and her upbringing.

The one topic that will not let people pass when they sit with Koffee is Rihanna. This is since Rihanna confirmed that she is working on a reggae album, then the speculation that Koffee will be contributing to the album and Rihanna confirming that the album will be released sometime this year. Koffee swerved this in a very coy way; she confirmed that her and Rihanna will be linking up but did not confirm if it will be to write or to collaborate and if to collaborate, whether for music or Fenty (they might have joked about this but she did not let out enough on the link up)

Learning about the different music she has released. ‘Raggamuffin’ was the song that linked her up with one of her musical inspirations, Chronixx who has now taken her as his protégé. She mentioned that her upbringing has influenced her positive vibe music. ‘Rapture’ is her favourite song thus far as it was from a very personal space.

Buju Banton had his array of shows in the Caribbean after his release from prison. Koffee was one of the headliners in his shows. They talk about how huge this was for the culture and the sold out shows at every stop. Koffee talks about performing along legends such as Coco Tea and Buju himself. She described it as an amazing, fun and huge moment for her career as a performer.

Fun fact: Koffee is not Rastafarian, she grew up an Adventist.

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