Mr Seed Starboy, releases first Swahili jam, "Usikonde"!!

Image Courtesy: Mr Seed

2011 Chart Award winner and talented gospel artist, Mr Seed, has more than one surprise in his bag of tricks! He has now released a gospel track all in plain Swahili!

"My new song USIKONDE is produced by R.kay..This is my 1st song to do in kiswahili n it's a different style..the video is coming out next week.. starboy music dats my label", he told Mdundo rather excitedly.

This new track is certainly what you need to get you in that "blessed" mood. For a minute you would be led on to think that he was your average Kenyan artist. But if you know the genre of Mr Seed's music, then you know he has always does music with a Nigerian feel to it. So him choosing to go all Kenyan is rather unconventional.

Enough of talking, click the link below and hear what Mr Seed sounds like in Swahili.

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