Ben Pol's New 'Wapo' Release is a Ball of Raw Emotions

By Kabura Ng'ang'a

We all know the famous KOT saying, ‘Ukiacha achika’? Someone done turned it into a song and the statement has never sounded so beautiful and soulful.

Ben Pol has a new song out dabbed ‘Wapo’ which talks about the loss of a love. He sings telling a story about how he felt rough after being dumped by his girlfriend. He feels the urge to get angry but holds himself back with the hope that it will be okay and among other people in the world, he surely will find another love.

The visuals introduce us to Ben Pol in his signature monochromatic looks and his video bae arguing. His beautiful voice takes us through the phases of him getting caught in a lie, trying to get back to the love of his life. We see her crying and refusing to pick up his calls but still Ben Pol sings that his heart keep calm. There is the support of his real life bae with the bottles of Executive water appearing in different scenes of the video.

The song is written by Kusah, such a simple yet beautiful style of songwriting. The audio was produced by Bob Manecky and Eli Piano. The video by Trued Pictures.

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