Getting Up Close With Urban Pop Sensation Manolo

Catching up with 'Kamata'  hit maker from former gospel group Recapp. Manolo is Singer, Songwriter and Rapper who is a whole ball of fun and talent.

Good afternoon! Welcome to #MdundoTwitterview

Good afternoon,thank you for the platform. Ask away (kinda nervous).

In a few words, who is Manolo?

Rapper,singer,songwriter and performing artist from Nairobi Kenya.

How did your journey in music start? How long has it been since you started?

I have been into music ever since I was a kid.I would perform at church and school. Professionally from 2012.

What inspired you to get into music?

My dad mostly,he is very musical so his influence pushed me to grow my talent as a musician.

How would you describe your style of music?

My style is free. Anyhu I do afropop which translates to urban pop music. I experiment with both melodies and rap to give you Manolo music.

Why the name Manolo?

Formerly in a group of 4 called Recapp , Manolo came from Edu The Rapper he gets the credit.

Why the name Manolo?

My name is Emmanuel though and Manolo is spanish for Emmanuel.

Tell us about Recapp and the launch of your solo career?

Recapp is my fam we started the journey together straight from high school and there can be no Manolo without Recapp. However,we decided to go solo and pursue solo careers. To be honest I love what I am doing,I am pushing myself every day harder than before to ensure that my team stays winning.

You sing and rap at the same time. Which one is dear to you between the two?

Honestly I can't choose  . I love them both but rapping makes me feel free.

Tell us about your newest jam #KAMATA with ‘Nadeka’ hitmaker GuardianAngelK...How did you get to work together?

So Guardian Angel and I decided to work together on the jam in April, this was greatly influenced by the fact that we shared the same management team  at the time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years musically?

On tour in Germany courtesy of Mdundo (hint hint). Seriously though I want to be a global brand by then for God and for my country.

Which Kenyan artist do you admire the most and why?

So hard to choose too many people out here doing great stuff but Alice Kimanzi is one of my fav Noel Nderitu and OCTOPIZZO.

Top song on your playlist today?

Hold me now -@hillsongworship

The mission -@2CELLOS

Favourite food?

I love my mum's chapos  for real that stuff is the real deal.

Dream collabo locally? Internationally?

Locally I really wanna do a song with Jabidii he is different. Internationally it would be Travis Greene, he is super legit

Most memorable moment while in Recapp?

This must have been Groove awards performance 2015. We killed it

What artists have influenced your sound?

Too many but mostly Fred Hammond, Andy Mineo and of course Lecrae .I also listen to a lot of Tanzanian choirs for real though they have the best melodies.

A little throwback as we wind up. What's your favorite childhood memory?

First day I went to the pool with my friends,Swimming was such a privilege back then and I was a fast learner so no drowning here.

Thank you for having me,I loved it. Till next time #A1 #KAMATA More music loading.

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