Atemi Oyungu and Bez Idakula in Blissful Fusion

Friday the 17th of May, 2019 was graced with one of Kenya’s greatest musical shows. Soul Sensations Kenya’s Atemi Oyungu and Nigeria’s Bez Idakula got together on stage in ‘Blissful Fusion’. The event that went down at the Carnivore Simba Saloon saw the venue packed to the brim with the anticipation of inhaling what is known to Africa as the best of afro-soul.

Atemi performed her greats spanning from her days of ‘Someday’ featuring Chris Adwar all the way to her famed ‘Bebi Bebi’. Bez Idakula also did not hold back on bringing the house down with major highlights as his all time beloved ‘That Stupid Song’.

The all so soulful Shiphie blessed the stage with her magnificent elephant vocals. Guest appearance by the King afro-soul Eric Wainaiana lit up the whole place as he got with Atemi to do renditions of some popular ol’ skool specials.  Tetu Shani was also a light that just brought life.

The show was an energetic bliss of musical fusion that got everyone on their feet enjoying everything music had to offer. Back Up singers and an electric dance crew made sight and hearing all worth it.

To more Blissful Fusions...Cheers!


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