Kagwe Mungai Teams Up with Mr. Seed to Release 'Ogopa Mungu

Kagwe Mungai’s brand new single, ‘Ogopa Mungu’ is taking us to church! It is the type of song that makes you want to throw down all your worries and lift your hands singing and dancing in praise for what the Almighty has seen us through. This afro-futuristic track features a sweet sounding chorus emblematic of the traditional church choirs and replicating the worship service theme. Can we get an amen! Ogopa Mungu is one of the new songs to be featured in the highly anticipated album, ‘Spectrum’. Featured on the track is gospel singer Mr. Seed, a 2014 Groove award winner. Together they have created an extroverted electrified song with a professional sounding sonic boost that makes you yearn for more.

‘Ogopa Mungu’ means fear God in direct translation. The compelling chorus and the lyrics are smart, thoughtful, unflinching and self-aware. They take you through a story in which the artists not only reveal their journey through challenges with life in the public eye, but also acknowledge that it wouldn’t be possible without help from the Lord. This rings true throughout Kagwe’s career which he has been motivated to pursue from a very young age. He has written and produced as well as collaborated with the likes of Blinky Bill, Mayonde, Trina Mungai, Fena and Madtraxx over the years. Establishing himself with hits such as ‘24’ and ‘Super Seena’ has seen him nominated for awards and get chances to perform both locally and internationally.

This is a perfect example of the dynamism and maturity of the kind of music Kagwe is creating. When asked about his sound, he had this to say, “I’m many things and I don’t like the idea of boxes, they are limiting. As an artist, my aim is to have an impact with my music. For example, if someone had a terrible day or experience and it put them in a better mood or even if they felt understood through the lyrics.” You need to have this song on repeat because it will do exactly that. ‘Ogopa Mungu’ is out now, make sure you’re not left behind!

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