Of Discovering Musical Gifts As Apio Moro

Apio Moro is an Afro-soul act who you are about to fall in love with possibly forever. Singing in both English and her original language Japadhola, she has created a new sound that is completely irresistable. 

She describes her music as celebrating a love of self-acceptance and victory. Taking an alternative path in music, she is the epitome of African soul sensationa at the moment. 

About a year ago she released her #TheSipiSeries that was an array of special acoustic performances. These covered some of her beautiful tracks from her debut studio EP 'Chuny Adech'.

She kicks off 2019 with greater passion than she ever had before writing and performing more of her originals. Watching her on stage is simply heart warming. She has graced great stages as Blankets and Wine and Fete De La Musiq. 

You got to give the girl some love. 


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