The Musical Special Stone That Is Crystal Asige

Mdundo is dedicated to serving you great African music, so is it equally dedicated to connecting you with the best of music talent in the alternative space. There is great music from super talented artists but you just might not hear them on mainstream airwaves.

Today we introduce you to Crystal Asige, VIP Ambassador in Kenya. That actually stands for ‘Visually Impared Persons’, we all learn something new every day. Crystal is an RnB powerhouse whose sultry smooth sound is bound to get you hooked. She has explored music for a while now going back into her days of ‘Pulled Under’, ‘Show Me More’, ‘Back to Me’ and so much  more.

She recently began a ‘Blind Girl Manenos’ series that’s hearty, fun and quite  informative. This Glaucoma Awareness champion lives by the mantra ‘Walk by Faith not by Sight.’ By virtue of oozing positivity and light wherever she goes, she got together with talented producer Billy Black to bring to life her latest release, ‘Safer’.

A beautiful track put together to tell the story of her journey to a place she now feels safe and confident. Taking a minimalist approach on instrumentals, she keeps it purely acoustic so as to give you the chance to savour her breath talking vocals.

Just chilling and need a laid back Kenyan RnB playslis to bum to…

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