Wyre Teams Up with Enock Bella to Release 'Tamu'

Try and imagine what a Bongo- Dancehall vibe would feel like. Dope...right? Well you do not need to imagine it since; Tanzania Bongo sensation Enock Bella got together with Kenya's Dancehall master Wyre to release 'Tamu.' 

Loosely traslating to 'Sweet' this jam is a sweet combination of two extreme genres  that despite their difference have merged in this project to create a bomb track. Each stepping out of their unique signatures 'Tamu' has the taste and feel of hit club banger. 

Wyre picked up the year on a good note releasing 'Wanilinda' and collaborating with Budukusu on 'Sangolo'. Looks like he's got a lot more brewing where all this came from. 

Enock Bella has also not pumped the brakes for a minute this track coming out as his 3rd release in 2019 after 'I Swear' and Toto. 

East Africa is on a roll and it does feel good. Good Job Enock and Wyre, let's get down to this new one. 

Listen to Tamu on Mdundo


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