Music to Instantly Improve Your Fuckability Score

Remember our ‘dedix’ days back in school? That’s typical 50 shades of grey we had in our imagination but someone finally wrote it in a book or a song. See, music is known to touch places your hands would not even get to on the first date. Your tongue game might be ravishing but would you say the same for your taste in music?

Now, your playlist is foreplay and you have to mount up to that orgasm.  Welcome to the start guide to getting those pants dripping wet. Compiled here is a list of songs you need to throw at your intended catch at  random. Now here is the trick, send it out to them as random as possible. When they least expect a text from you. That tells them you are not only thinking about them but also drowning in your fantasies about what you want to do to them.

There are songs, and then there are songsss, notice the hiss? That’s to build up to a little sassy later on. You have to consider the lyrics, this is because when someone randomly sends you a track to listen to, they just want to give you a clear mood board of how it’s about to play out a little later on; that lyrics has got to be so deep they’d gag on it.  

Let them know exactly what you want from them, but you know you don’t tell them what to do unless you are naked. So let’s get down, quite literally...

Shika by Trina Mungai x Mayonde

It’s really just out there and they don’t even have to read between the lines. Better yet send them a youtube link so they get the picture quite clearly. This should throw your target off their routine schedule that entire day. LoL!

Kiss You by Victoria Kimani

This one comes out a bit bolder but quite subtle because we are just talking a kiss. Kissing cannot be underestimated, it’s usually the beginning of those stories that have ‘one thing led to another.’ And just so you know, the lips are a G-spot too.

Naked by Khaligraph Jones

Give it that graphic vivid description with this one. It’s all the detail in black  and white and you’ll have to step up if you are willing to be this bold. You simply can’t disappoint if you set pace with this...and that’s a disclaimer.

Tonight by Naiboi x Pentamony

Let them know how you fancy them and how good you think they look. Here you get to communicate that you’d like to spend more time with them. ‘Tonight’ could mean you want to be with them as soon as possible and in the intimacy of the night.


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