TWITTERVIEW: Nadia Mukami's Big Break and Coke Studio Africa Experience

Nadia Mukami just made her debut appearance on Coke Studio Africa as the ‘Big Break’ Artist in 2019. We catch up with the ‘Si Rahisi’ hit sensation to learn more about her music and experience on Coke Studio Africa.

When that call Came in from #CokeStudioAfrica, First time on a such a big stage, what did it feel like?

 I was actually scared and excited at the same time. Happy because it is what I love doing and I was finally doing it; scared because I didn't  know how the reception would be.

How was it working with JUX and Shellsy on your song ‘African Lover’?

It was one of the greatest experiences because I sang about Jux in my song, ‘African Lover’ and now I got to work with him. I am a big fan of both JUX and Shelsy. It was such a good learning experience.

What's one great lesson you learnt at #CokeStudioAfrica as an artist that will impact your career in the days to come?

Professionalism! The big artists from across Africa put in a lot work in their music business and I wish to apply a higher level of professionalism in my own work this year and I am sure we will all spot the difference.

What inspired ‘African Lover’?

I wrote ‘African Lover’ about a guy I liked and I later on told him. Now things are weird...LoL! But I’m glad I got to do it! Life is short. My biggest songs are from the heart. I like to write about what I am feeling, it makes my music feel real.

Who is that female artist in 254 that you desire to work with and why?

Sanaipei Tande.I look up-to her in terms of songwriting; she inspires me to continue having good content in my music.

Tell us about ‘Radio Love’ What's the story behind this great song? How was it like working with Arrow Bwoy?

I have always wanted to write a song about a couple and I felt like ‘Radio Love’ was the song. It basically talks about a couple that has a favourite  song on radio and always jam to it. Working with Arrow Bwoy was such a great experience because he's so talented

Tell us about your songwriting process...What inspires your lyrics?

I write my music from real life experiences. Not just my own but also from watching other people's lives. That's what makes my music sound real. I sing what people can relate to. I wrote ‘African Lover’ and ‘Yule Yule’ for the same guy.

How can one book for your services? Music performance/Entertainment?

You can reach out to my team via 0743835005 or 

Which other #CokeStudioAfrica artist would you like to work with?

Of course Nandy, She's so humble and talented plus she loves my music.

If you were to choose anyone to collaborate with, who's not on Coke Studio  Africa who will it be?

Mbosso from Tz very talented.

Top 3 songs on your playlist right now?

1.Radio  Love by Nadia Mukami  ft Arrow Bwoy
2. African Lover by Nadia Mukami
3.Wish I could love you by Rita Ora

Any album or projects coming soon? What's next after #RadioLove?

I am working on an EP coming out soon.

Parting shot to your fans?

I wanna appreciate my fans and thank them for the continuous support so far. I ask them to keep supporting me. More music and amazing stuff from me Nadia Mukami.

Thank you for joining us today! We enjoyed hanging out with you! Cheers to the great music...keep soaring.

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