Eclipse Nkasi Releases New Song 'Pro Bono'

Nigerian sensation Eclipse Nkasi just released a new track 'Pro Bono.' This follows the successful release of his 2018 single “I Need You” which had a lot of positive review and acceptance globally.

Rapper, singer and music producer “Eclipse Nkasi” returns to continue the story which was set in motion by the previous single. This unique hip-hop tune expresses a very deep, soulful and heartfelt gratitude to God through the good and bad times.

“Do you believe in miracles?
Well, I do.
I also believe that the greatest miracles always seem to take the longest time.
There is a comfort that will come from endurance but it can only be attained in time.
Time will give you everything you want and answer every question you have. Be patient and trust the process and never forget that in spite of your fears and Imperfections, Love & Gratitude are what you need to get to where you're going.

The best things in life are free; the blessings of God are "Pro Bono". – Eclipse Nkasi

Listen to Eclipse Nkasi on Mdundo

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