Play Kenyan Music: Anyiko PR Hosts 1st Artist Talk Back Event

Kenyan PR agency - Anyiko Public Relations (Anyiko PR), renowned as leaders in matters Entertainment PR, hosted their first Artist Talk Back event of the year, last Thursday, 7th February 2019 at the Michael Joseph Centre from 6 - 9 p.m.

The event presented a panel discussion session on the topic “Play Kenyan Music” that featured one of Kenya’s most sought after femcees, Fena Gitu, known for her feel-good anthems, NRG Radio’s program controller Duncan Musicha, popularly known as the Super Producer, Kenyan born DJ based in US, Fully Focus, who has played in 5 continents during his 15 year-long tenure in the music industry. Focus is also the creator of Atlanta’s Passport Experience (PXP Fest). As well as Tom Olang’o, renowned for his events under Jamhuri Festival that bring to the fore some of Kenya’s best up and coming, young musical talent. Ezegozie Eze, the General Manager of Universal Music Nigeria, was a special guest at the event, giving his keynote speech via video. He shared his insights on how Nigerian music broke through the world stage and how the rest of the key markets can follow suit.


The event was moderated by the founder of Anyiko PR—one of the leading Publicists in Africa, Anyiko Owoko, named among Africa’s 100 Most Influential Women in Africa in 2018. She says, “Our event was 100% successful and on behalf of my PR team, we are really thankful for everyone who came through to our first event. We had industry stakeholders from artists to producers to managers, up-coming artists, publicists, and music fans coming through to participate in this very important conversation, the likes of Dela, Steph Kapela, the AD Family, Musyoka, DJ Kafi, Chiluba, among other artists in the industry."

In attendance were also key members of the media fraternity. Anyiko adds, “We really wanted to give the platform to the artists and fans to directly communicate with the industry stakeholders from the radio with Duncan, artists with Fena, DJs and producers with Fully and event organizers with Tom. So, if some people learnt something or were able to exchange contacts, we achieved our goal. We will continue to do this, to tackle different topics in the industry and bring forward established panelists who can tackle these topics, give lessons, share their experiences and provide solutions on how the industry can move forward. We look forward to our next edition!”

The key points that came from this discussion centred around the role and responsibility of Radio & On-Air Personalities, PR & Marketing, Music Fans & their Participation, among other key points. From media, finance, record labels, artist management, PR / A&R; Artist Talk Back Vol attracted all types of artists, key stakeholders and industry players in Kenya’s music industry. As we delve into non-traditional ways of marketing and promotion for musicians, we hope the session provided more insight into how Kenya’s industry can be on par with its counterparts.

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