Mdundo Twitterview: Getting To Know What Princess Farida's Plate is Full Of.


Princess Farida did kick start the year on a good note with a mega collaboration. Mdundo took the time to find out what she's been up to and what she is planning next. 

How has 2019 been for you so far?

2019 has started with a bang for me...really excited about what God has in store.

You kicked off the year with a new song 'Rafiki Wa Kweli' featuring Mr. Ndilima. Tell us about it...

Yes this was one of the surprise collaborations that know one even expected... 'Rafiki Wa Kweli' basically tells people to put their trust on Jesus the only true friend..Others are fake. We started working on the song late last year.

How did your fans receive 'Rafiki Wa Kweli?'

Response was overwhelming coz they didn't see this collabo coming. In fact when they heard we had done a collabo they thought maybe we had sang akamba. We already have afew covers from fans in London and the USA.

You're launching a new book very soon, tell us about it?

Title is 'Power of The Tongue' coz I noticed mdomo inatuangusha sana; more so us it's in editing stage. Tongue is a small but a dangerous member of our body that can set everything on fire if not contained.

What's your view on the gospel industry right now?

It's a wake up call,, a shakeup...for guys to reflect and go back to their true calling as gospel artist. Bible says we are the light of the world..It's time to clean ourselves and be just that.

Apart from music and books, tell us about your passion in mentoring young girls. What's your plan this year?

My plan is to reach out to them.. I will visit the counties, slums, estates, schools and mentor them..also using my 2nd book 'Priceless Gems Every Girl Should Have' as a tool.

Any more music coming soon? What's your plan for the rest of the year?

I got great good music coming up this year, let my fans relax and wait to be blessed. More vlogs on marriage, more international music tours and concerts, more books, more girlchild mentorship coming up.

Which artist(s) have you always wanted to work with both in Kenya and across the borders?

Mercy Masika and Sinach

Top 3 Kenyan songs on your playlist right now?

1. Ni Poa by Pitson and Amani G

2. Celebrate by Evelyn Wanjiru

3. RafikiWaKweli by Princess Farida ft. Mr. Ndilima...haha

As we wind up, what's your parting shot to your fans?

Watch out for a movie and a documentary on my life as well as many Vlogs... Subscribe to Princess Farida Tv for more engagements.

Thank you for joining us today! We can't wait for more music from you... Till next time, Cheers!

Always a pleasure to be on; thanks so much.

Got a lot of great insight talking to Princess Farida. We are all looking forward to all her great initiative. Let us know who you want to get up close to on our next Mdundo Twitterview. Cheers!


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