The Greatness That was The GoDown Gig

Photo by Ambrose Kinyanjui

The first weekend of February has definitely set momentum for the next rest of the year. The 'Go Down Gig' finally went down and it was nothing short of all it was expected to be. The gig that was to kick start at 3:00pm saw the venue chrome into a no more space zone in the early afternoon hours. 

The line up basically is what got everyone in town and excited and so they showed up. Serro took to stage to engage the crowd with what can only be refered to as an extatic performance. Keeping the flow from jam to jam, she just could be Kenya's most talented and influential live afro-music artist. A drummer and a guitarist too, she served her audience a good deal. 

The ever bright and bubbly Cindy Ogana introduced act after act and your all time favourite all boy band, 'Le Band' also brought the house down. Serenading the ladies and entertaining the men was as if effortless. Great harmonies, perfect music and just the chemistry needed to deliver. 

Recently just having released a new Jam 'Usiseme No', H_art The Band were also in the building to set the record straight. Known constantly for their banger tracks , they brought an electric soul sensation. Their new song that is literally less than 2 weeks old was already a word for word sing along for the audience. 

There was also a dope discovery session for other artists from the crowd and boy are people talented. Saw a few other influential artists like Gilad and Ms. Okinda in the vicinity who just came for the support. 

The vendors also had a whole array of beautiful giftings for everyone who wanted to spice up their closet or fill up their tummies. 

Way to close up on January!!!

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