Mdundo Twitterview: Kaymo to the World 'Thungutha Christmas Edition'

We thought it's about time to catch up with a wait...a lot of fun. Kaymo introduces a Christmas anthem for us.

In a few words, who is Kaymo?

Am a Husband, Father a gospel artist and a music producer based and proud to be kenya.

How did your journey in music start and for how long have you been in the music scene?

I have been in the music industry for more than 10 years but I blew up few years ago with the hit song 'Thitima' with my brother Stigah. I started with rock music but I had to change since it was not working so well for me. Am a huge fun of rock music.

What inspired you to incorporate comedy in your music?

Laughter is the best medicine they say. I saw a gap in the industry that only a few of us could fill and i jumped for it. Plus most of gospel songs are so serious so I have to add some flavor on it since being born again is fun. I have a funny friend of mine called Kabi wa Jesus who does crazy fun things so we brain storm together

How has comedy worked for you in your music so far? How did your fans receive it?

Comedy is a big role in my career that's why kids and adults love my music and I have not seen any complains from them. They inspire me to do even more. I love them so much.

Tell us about your life before the music...

I used to teach music at Kamata Music School and produce artist at the same time. that's how i got to meet Stigah.

Are you going to work with Stigah again soon? What happened that you no longer sing as a duo?

Stigah is my brother and we do talk from time to time. At some point in life a man has to grow. that's what happen between the two of us. we had to make our brands grow even much bigger and maybe at some point we will do a song together.

Awesome!!! Do you still teach music?

Not so much but now it's more of mentor-ship as I am trying to push new artists to grow too.

You've released a couple of more songs after 'Thitima' including the latest one 'Thungutha' Tell us about it...

'Thungutha' is a kikuyu word meaning 'Dance.' Dance like David from the bible would be the best example. I drop this song to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus and to show how we are supposed to celebrate.

You incorporated Lingala in the 'Thungutha' song... What inspired you?

Hahaha I decide to change a little bit from what I have been doing. I had the tune playing in my mind i jumped right to it.

What's the main message would you like to pass across through your music even in future?

I represent the fun side of gospel music so I will continue showing the fun side of Gospel music.

Are you working on any collabos in future? What's next after 'Thungutha?'

But I won't mention names. Definitely I have lot's of surprises for next year.

Are you still part of Samawati Band?

I had to step a side from the band and do my solo project but we might drop a song together.

Two things that most people don't know about you?

I like reading a lot and I am a PK

Any two artists locally or internationally that you look forward to working with in future?

Yes Ivly Mutua and Rose Muhando

It's been awesome hanging out with you today!!! Parting shot to your fans?

Am grateful for there support and keeping touch. God bless them and i love them. Thank you for having me here it been Awesome.

Awesome times. Who else do you want to catch up with on Mdundo.

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