Sauti Academy Presents Sauti Festival

Sauti Academy is a top notch music academy in Kenya that boasts of producing the creme de la creme currently running the industry. In the wake of rediscovering our African roots and intergrating that into contemporary pop culture. Sauti Academy has done and still does it's fair share of molding budding artist into great wholsemely equiped musicians. 

Just to mention a few, Sauti Academy mentored and trained H_art The Band, Serro, Willy Paul, Phy, Elani, Ciano and the list couldn't posssibly end today. Emphasizing on a musician's necessecity to be well trained, prepared and understand music with high intellectuality, Sauti Academy is doing the universe it's fair good. 

Now for the first time ever, Sauti Academy will be presenting 'Sauti Festival' on the 8th and 9th of December. It's your turn to hear and enjoy the greats before they break out to be global sensations.

Don't you dare say, you never knew yet Mdundo specifically gave you a detailed update on this. Save the dates and kick start Christmas on a musical note. 

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