Nameless' Long Awaited for 'My Lover' Now Out


You could say it's probably easier for him to write a love song. He and his all time girl(Wahu), of 15 years are Kenya's most admired power couple. Veteran pop star nameless will always show up with another one better than the other one. He had hinted about releasing a new song and today 'Your Lover' is officially out. Giving fourth a sweet pop-dancehall vibe, Nameless easily wound this into one of his masterpieces with his lyric game; well know for interesting rhyme.

The set up takes a wedding scene. Sharing in the joy and colourful glam of weddings, a lot of people meet tgeir better halves at such and some even rekindle what was lost. The song depicts a typical case of making that move for thatvperson you have been eyeing. In the line up there's usually a pair that might grow. Little too fond of each other. In the congregation a special someone might just catchbyour attention and it perfect brewing ground for yet the next wedding.

Coming towards the end of the year, 'My Lover' will be coming through for quite the number of love birds having their union scheduled in this festive season. Warning: it will ring in your head all day. It's Nameless, he just has that effect.

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