NIGERIA: Wizkid’s Fanpage Becomes First Ever in Africa To Hit 1 Million Followers

Wizkid is probably one of Kenyans favorite West African artiste.

In every concert he has done here in the 254, he has scooped a huge turn out. All his songs on You Tube have more than a million views and he is not sorry.

Wizkid is not only celebrating his million views on You Tube but also a million followers on his fan page. This is not easy but the Soco hit maker has manged to beat the odds in Africa.

He is the first ever to hit 1 million followers on a fan page in Africa.

If you thought that was it, well, Wizkid has also been able to bag 6.1 million followers on his Instagram page and everyday he releases new music, he brings fans closer.

I am sure Kenyans can not wait for his event come the 3rd of November where he will bring down Nakuru.

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