KENYA: Khaligraph Jones On Why Artists Need To Understand The Music Business First

The music business is just a business like any other and needs extreme focus and knowledge before and after setting up.

While most Kenyan artists rush to start a studio in their careers, rapper Khaligraph Jones believes it’s something you need to take your time first and understand the dynamics.

“First of all you need to understand the music business. You can have a record label and you can have a studio,” said Jones on Kiss FM radio while launching his new hit “Ngori”. 

Publishing and a recording studio are two different things. Many artists in Kenya start a studio then call it a label while in real sense, a label involves more than just making music.

“Those are two different things because I know a lot of people who have studios, but record label doesn’t necessarily need to have a studio coz hiyo inadeal na publishing na content copyright and all that stuff. Studio on the other hand is where you can go open it up and record.” said Jones.

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