Kanye West To Record In Africa For Yandhi Album

‘Yandhi’ Kanye West’s publicly announced new album was to drop on Saturday 29th. Fortunately or unfortunately it did not as he said it would. Well he has a perfectly good explanation for why that happened.

He says that was scrapped because he’s not done recording yet and plans to come to Africa in the next couple weeks to complete the project.  As Kanye put it, he wants to draw inspiration and energy from the Earth there.

Ooh Well, lets see which part of Africa he will get his recordings done from. Should we put Kenya up for guess?

He however set a date for album “Yandhi” release, it’s kinda perfect ;November 23, aka Black Friday. We cant wait.

Other than his planned tour to Africa, Kanye West wants to go by ‘Ye’ as he tweeted, “The being formally known as Kanye West…I am YE.

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