TANZANIA: Vanessa Mdee Speaks Out On Relationship With Boyfriend Jux

Tanzanian songbird Vanessa Mdee has revealed that sharing ideas with boyfriend Juma Jux has what has made them a power couple.

The two are currently on tour across Tanzania promoting their albums In Love and Money.

Speaking to Bongo 5, the Cash Madame Singer divulged that she loves Jux that was what she missed when the two broke up Juma Jux's ideas.

“Of course he is my best friend. Ni mtu napenda na napenda kuwa karibu naye na tunashare ideas nyingi sana so hicho ni kitu cha kwanza so unampoteza mtu ambaye umemzoea sana and of ofcourse it’s not the same. Pia kuna ile ushauri. Unampigia alafu mnashauriana. In fact tour  hii hingekuepo, of course na kutengenza pesa kama tunavyofanya saa hizi, so in love and money.” she said.

The celebrity couple had previously broken up before ironing their issues out and getting back together. According to Vanessa, the two had broken up as she felt she was no longer needed in his life.

Source: pulselive.co.ke

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