Brother duo 'Wakimbizi' are back with a hilarious new track

After a long hiatus from the music scene, one of Kenya’s most popular groups Wakimbizi is back with a new hilarious single “Mututho”

The witty single is off their upcoming album 'Ndoto', and as he explained the single is meant to fight for the rights of Kenyans,

“The main idea behind this song was basically to try and fight for the rights of the common people out there, we saw how Mututho came up with numerous rules with an aim of controlling people’s private lives and therefore we decide to sing about what a common person can relate to,” said Mariko to Mdundo.

The once popular duo made up of Brothers Mariko and Mr.Filter also revealed that they are working on a number of singles, with the aim of releasing their new album 'Ndoto' by August,

“We are now officially back into music, we have been away for a very long time and have allowed other artists to come up and take our place but now they should be warned that Wakimbizi is back and we mean business,” he added

Despite their long silence, this hilarious song is definately a step in the right direction for making a comeback to the music scene.

As soon as the track is up on Mdundo, we will keep you posted.

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