REVIEW: Khaligraph Jones Debut Album ‘Testimony 1990’

Top flight rapper Khaligraph Jones repping Kayole 1960 just released his long-awaited debut album ‘Testimony 1990’ this past weekend. The project is available on all streaming platforms before the physical copies hit the streets.

After several listens to the 17-track long body of work, you can deduce that Khali has evolved in his craft from delivery, direction, lyricism, storytelling, aesthetics and most importantly, the power of collaborations. Let us delve into ‘Testimony 1990’: what to expect and some of the messages transcribed.

From the get-go, ‘Testimony’ track which features Sagini highlights the mental space he was in while handling the project –  the pressure to deliver, his success in the music industry, appreciating his fans and the loopholes of the flawed game.

Some of the topics Khali covers on the project include the overly overlooked mental health issue. Getting over depression on ‘Blessing’ track paints a picture of his personal struggles with his upbringing and career until the point he made it. A personal narration of his journey while urging upcoming cats to keep the dream alive for life.

He also covers social issues like Instagram honnies who are always lurking, politicians screwing the electorate over, the middle class alienating themselves from politics yet they are affected same way, ladies always hinting for sponsors, drugs affecting the youth and the generation of glorifying the plastic quick-buck life.

Khali has employed some strong collabos and you can easily feel their impact on the project. The likes of up and coming Timmy Blanco, Sagini, Fena, RIA, the international cats like YCEE, Mr. Eazi, Esco, Ray C, Rostam and K.O all have a handy contribution.

One huge revelation on track 14, ‘Beat It’ talks about his girlfriend or ex on matters of cheating. We all knew Khaligraph was dating rapper Cashy Karimi, it is alleged that she is pregnant but not Khali’s doing. From how he goes off on that track, something is boiling and should be a crazy story of betrayal.

The production aspect of the projects stands out as well with the like of Magix Enga, Motiff, and the whole Blue Ink Corp crew did a handy job.

My overall takeout from the entire project is the maturity Khali has achieved as an artist, his clamour for success and I’d expect more bodies of work. I hope he will go all out on marketing the project as he slacks in that sector. Even the hype to the pre-release was lackluster and not much hype was around it. Khali has to win new fans across the board because if he keeps speaking to his core fans it will be a short-lived career.


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