UGANDA: Juliana Excited About Her Upcoming Music Album ‘Bits & Pieces’

Just after a slightly long moment of silence, Princess Juliana Kanyomozi is back again with another music project an album which is yet to be released.

Juliana couldn’t hide her excitement and curiosity to release the project that will make her fans get a reason to dance again. Her new album is titled Bits & Pieces which she says every song on that album is a “different layer” of her and an expression of what she has been keeping at her heart.

“So excited. I’m about to release my new album and I can’t wait. Each song is a different layer of me. An opportunity to express myself on many things that are close to my heart. Some of the songs I’ve worked on for some time, yet never been heard by anyone” said Juliana.

The album will be released on July 2nd 2018. Fans, be ready to purchase the album from all music malls around the world. Are you anxious about listening to Bits & Pieces album? Well you are not alone, me too am restless!


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