UGANDA: Mun G Speaks Out About His 21 Track Music Album

Rapper Mun G has spoken about his long silence in the music industry. In an exclusive interview with Blizz Uganda, Mun G has spoken out about his longtime silence ever since he hit the Ugandan music airwaves. The rapper exclusively gave a detailed story on why he was silent.

After a couple of months of silence Mun G says he has been working on his music album that he claims kept him off the public eye to greatly concentrate on his projects. The musician revealed that he tried so much to avoid the media and anything that would expose him to the public until when his projects were done.

The rapper says he is the first Ugandan artiste to release a 21 track music album and proudly disclosed that he is highly going to reap from his works,

“I’m the first Ugandan artiste in Uganda to release a 21 song music album, fine there are several people who were talking ill of my musical projects and claiming that I have failed musically but I’m here to prove them wrong” Mun G affirmed.

The rapper proudly claimed that his music is going to send his critics silent. Among some of the tracks on the album include Katuli kumutwe, Kampala, Rolex, and miracle boy among others.

Mun G further added that he is set to release yet more great music and projects that he says are going to make a bigger change and impact in his life and the entire Ugandan music industry trashing the recently trending hip-hop battles.


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