UGANDA: Weasel Releases A Remix of Mowzey Radio’s “Nakessa” Song

One of the most heart soothing songs of 2018 so far is called Nakessa by the late Mowzey Radio which is also known as “Enyimba Zomukwano” as it was released just a day after his last breathe and now his fellow Goodlyfe singer Weasel Manizo has decided to release a remix for it.

Nakessa Remix is a remake of Mowzey Radio’s masterpiece song and lyrics but this time around it has been fused up with Weasel Manizo’s powerful husks and also changed it’s genre from soothing RnB to Soft Reggae.

Meanwhile, it should also be remembered that this is not the first song of Mowzey Radio that Weasel has fused up with his vocals as he also recently just released a remix of another song originally done by Radio called Mary Jane.


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