Are Bamzigi and MusikMaestro working on a track?

Is Kenyan recording artist/producer Bamzigi about to do a collaboration with MusikMaestro?

Well according to his twitter handle,it appears so,

”Just had a almost 2 hour chat with my man @JrMusikMaestro about African music and the future of kenyan music. We got big plans for our beloved kenya and its music. We do it for the love of music and for the love of Africa.” Said Bamzigi.

Bamzigi who is known to overflow with creativity, while MusikMaestro is known for his exceptional work in music with hits like “Juju” and “Disko Girl”.

So could this 2 hour conversation be a plan to team up on their next projects?I don’t know, but we at Mdundo will be on the look out just incase.

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