UGANDA: Cindy Sanyu Declares Love For Nwangi

As the habit of musicians understanding and appreciating one another continues to grow in the country, singer Cinderella Sanyu has poured out her heart to Swangz Avenue’s songstress, Winnie Nwangi, saying she is one of the best performers in the country.

While appearing on “Kaptchup” show yesterday night, the ‘run this town’ singer said that Nwagi is by far her biggest competition.

“I love Winnie Nwagi because she is a performer; she has changed the whole game of music in Uganda, Nwagi puts extreme energy in her performance and I like that, “declared Cindy.

Her comment comes in at a time when Jose Chameleone declared Vinka’s “chips na ketchup” as a hit song.


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