Juacali Bigs Up King Kaka, As a Major Talented Artiste


It’s always good to see legends big up upcoming artistes in the Industry. Give ‘Caesar what belongs to Caesar’ and in this case King Kaka is receiving what belongs to him. I must admit I am a big fan of both of the artists, I always define them as poetic.

In an interview yesterday with Kiss Fm Juacali was asked who he thinks is a talented artist in this era. His response was;

He’s a cool guy, King Kaka… coz basically yeye hujaribu different stuff. He can try to be emotional, the dad.. his not just a lyrical Mc. I always big him up.” said Juacali.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the both of them in one track, as both are creative and madly talented?

Jua cali also went on to give advise for new upcoming artists;

“Trick ni very simple, trick ni follow your heart. Be true to yourself Kabisaa…. usiogope kujaribu kuwa experimental.. alafu you have to have a thick skin. Especially sahi with social media and everything because some artists are being controlled so much by social media. You have to be tough and believe in yourself.”

Juacali has been in the music scene for a long time. His hit songs such as Ngeli ya Genge and Kiasi have been a household anthem. The King of Genge recently performed at Ngoma festival. He said that the gig answered a lot of questions such as Kenyans not supporting Kenyan artists, Kenyan artists can not perform with a live band and Kenyan artists can not perform for a whole night.

Ngoma festival was dope and the old skool artists who performed showed the big difference between then and now.

Big up Juacali on his major talent and I still wanna see a Collabo between the two Kings.

Courtesy: kiss100.co.ke

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