'Twitter should approve Juliani's account' shares Kris Eeh Baba

Is Twitter creating a barrier between Juliani and his fans? well gospel musician Kriss Ehh Baba thinks so and he isn't amused at all.

He shared the following post through his twitter account earlier on today

"I still don't understand why @Twitter aren't making my brother's channel @julianikenya approved. 91, 000 followers isn't enough.Nkt."

91,000 followers are clearly more than the expected amount to get approval and there is no denying that Juliani is amongst the greatest gospel artists to ever hit the kenyan gospel music scene; with his thrilling electric performances, consistency,different feel to every song and his appeal to fans all over, that is what we call a clean record in the music world.

So if Twitter is to blame then we all hope they counter the move and give a brother a chance, What do you Juliani fans think?

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