‘I‘m Working On My 3rd Album’ Nina Ogot Reveals

We all know Nina Ogot as the bubbly lady who always filled our hearts with those beautiful imaginations about weddings when she hosted the popular wedding show although she left the show. She is also an afro acoustic musician.

During an interview with Word Is she talked about her music, marriage and motherhood.

Yes I left wedding show but still focusing on my music and there other opportunities are coming  to host other shows.My projects right now I am working on my third album the second one i did with my husband but this one I am doing it solo.

It is celebration about the culture and the woman again and man  and the stories we tell about African society.”

She also talked of her longest song that broke the record.

The longest song that broke the record I did it when I was invited by Ongea and PHAT Kenya that helps musicians with popularity and help them find platform internationally .Actually it was their project and I was invited to sing it amongst other many musicians and thats what made it a really long song.”

“Nina is a wife and also a mother to a 4 year old daughter she spoke about her marriage and highlight and lowlight of motherhood.

The most interesting part about being married to a celebrity while still I’m one is that we hardly think about those things because life is happening in a normal way.

Motherhood has got it challenges which fell on a woman because the woman has to manage the child much more than the man has to and obviously those challenges eventually affect how you balance the work and life in general.But it is a pleasurable journey and one that is full of gross.

The greatest challenge to handle my four year old is that she requires my attention all the time. So even when I want to work or do all the other things I have to be aware that I have a child and she is a human being, she is growing and needs my full attention.

I enjoy my kid because she brings out the child in me you know how you just forget to play , laugh and run around. Thats what she makes me remember, to live life one moment at at a time.” The singer concluded.

Source: kiss100.co.ke

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