KENYA: Jua Cali Visits Nameless And Ends Up Their Longtime Music Rivalry

Kenyan veteran musicians, Jua Cali and Nameless spent time relaxing together over the past weekend. Jua Cali visited Nameless after he was discharged from hospital.

Nameless said there used to be bad blood between him and the King of Genge. He explained that he used to view Jua Cali as a threat.

"Once major rivals in music, now respected friends who go through similar triumphs and challenges in the industry... Juzi @juacaligenge visited me at my home and our kids spent the evening playing together, blessup my brother... I always remember when I first met him in a show in Mombasa and the MC for the night was Edward Kwach and Kwach whispered to me "Monski you need to watch out for this guy Jua Cali, he is becoming a force to be reckoned with". Those days I was used to be a show stopper (yani Mimi ndo nilikua wa kusema)..haha..and yup Jua Cali shikad that show heavy... (Akaaniingisha baridi). I went back to Ogopa to report! "Guys, this Calif guys wanaanza kusumbua" hahaha...Good times!! #Brothers #respect #stillhere #fathers #Elders #reflecting #recoveringwellthough #GodlovesMe #GodlovesKenya", Nameless wrote.

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