KENYA: L-Jay Maasai And His Girlfriend Debut Their Joint Social Media Account

Gospel singer L-Jay Maasai has been showering his social media pages with photos of his hot girlfriend. She’s a stunner that’s for sure and it’s only fair that he shows her off to the world.

Well, the two have decided to have a joint Instagram account, something that many couples have done over the past. This is usually a tricky move because when you break up, your followers will definitely be on your case and we all know how ruthless people can be.

L-Jay Maasai took to his Instagram to announce the news with a really cute photo of the two.

He said, “The news papers called it ‘unholy union’ The blogs wrote inaccurate articles, others dragged us into the “prayer partner” drama, everyone has had an opinion, None of this ever changed the truth, because all we have ever known is that THIS IS LOVE! What I have with you I don’t want with anyone else ♥♥ #Loveconquers. Follow: @lekishon.x.ashley Our Page. Love Only Grows by Sharing. You Can only have more for yourself by giving it to others. ❣❣❣.”


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