KENYA: I Was a Celeb But I Slept Hungry - Popular Singer Confesses

Popular singer Vivian shot into the spotlight following her collaborations with music big wigs such as Jaguar and Jose Chameleon.

With such successful collaborations and numerous smash hits under her belt, it would be very easy for one to think that she was living the ultimate celeb life.

Things weren’t as peachy as some people may think though as she confessed to sleeping hungry despite her “celebrity status”.

“My songs were playing everywhere but deep inside I was in agony. My room was empty, no seats. I sat on the floor,” she said.

“At that time I used to earn 4000 from my karaoke gig, after deducting the rent, transport, I would survive on less than 500 for a whole month. Things were tough,” she said. 

In a long post on her Facebook page, the singer recounts not being able to even afford decent clothing for her public appearances.

“I vividly remember there is a concert I was invited to perform but the promoter refused me to get on stage due to my dressing. He said I was poorly dressed and my dressing looked Ghetto. That broke my heart.”

All hope was not lost however for the singer:

“I have to thank my friend Tamima who saw my suffering and donated some clothing. Another friend I need to thank is DK Kwenye Beat for sharing his family food with me,” she wrote.


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