KENYA: "I'm Coming To Take Over 'Mda Bado' - Chibo Kinga

Kenyan rappers have come a long way since the days of Kalamashaka. The crew is considered to be the godfather of rap music in Kenya, settling the foundation on which other rappers have built their career.

Nelson Rakim Chiboni, best known for his stage name, Chibo Kinga is an upcoming rapper from Kenya and he's not been left behind. He started his music journey in the year 2010. He recorded several songs which gave him a name in the hip hop game by then.

The 'Mda Bado' hitamaker, recently travelled to Tanzania for some projects. He said there will be a surprise for his fans coming soon.
"Right now I'm in Tanzania, doing some projects. I assure my fans in Kenya and East Africa to wait for something good, there's a big suprise coming soon. I'm coming to take over", he said.

Chibo Kinga has several songs, download and listen here;

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