Labalaa switches things up by getting into production

Hip hop pioneer Labalaa is the latest video director in town, yep!!! You heard it right.

After ruling the airwaves with his lyrical prowess and undeniable punch lines, the talented rapper has now decided to venture into video production strictly for hip hop as he disclosed to Mdundo during an exclusive interview,

“I'm not getting into production to increase my popularity because I am already popular, I just want to bring Hip hop back to where it used to be a few years ago, I want to do videos that depict the life of the common citizen and which the citizens can associate with themselves,” the humble but talented rapper revealed.

However the rapper also revealed that he is not planning to drop his music career any time soon

“One of the videos which I have done “Mchizi” by Abass Kubaff is doing very well on music channels like Channel O and I think that’s a good way to start my career into production, apart from that I also want to be able to direct and produce my own videos as an artist, I have already started a company called Nezzoh films for that” he further went on to add

What do you think of this bold move of his?

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