One on One with Afro Central host Monique Kabuye

Monique Kebuye’s positive and infectious energy on her radio show, Afro Central, on Homeboyz is simply amazing! Very captivating and apart from radio, she is also a performing artist with a number of hit records.

Mdundo managed to have a One on One with the radio queen and below was the result.

What three words best describe you?

I’m a go getter, optimistic and a very passionate person.

Who would you say influences your music?

My music is influenced by a number of factors. I am inspired by the different artists I interact with, the amazing producers I have worked with, my emotions, my life experiences and all that put together inspires and influences my music.

Describe your music?

I would describe my music as a compliment of sounds and elements of everything that surrounds me and a reflection of who I am.

Being a radio host and an artist, how do you manage to balance the two?

I am blessed that my Job does not really feel like a job. It’s more of a mixture of everything I love interaction with people, music, excitement and luckily it does not take up much of my time too. So I’m very blessed that I can easily balance between radio and my music.

What do you think would surprise people about you?

I really love to cook. Quite honestly I am an amazing cook. Also secretly I love to watch Nigerian movies. Yes I said it (giggles) come on its just extra drama and joy so I shall not be judged.

Who are some people who you look up to?

I think the person you look up to should be on a higher level and someone you are accountable to so I have to say my person is God. He inspires me and I am nothing without God.

What are some of your key strengths and weaknesses?

For my strengths I am self-driven, reliable and I can always bring some sunshine to someone’s day. I am that girl.
About my weaknesses I can’t really mention them but I guess the best way one can find out is through knowing me better.

As someone who is in close contact with a lot of artists due to the nature of your job and being an artist yourself, what advice would you give to upcoming artists?

I’d have to say there is no recipe for success. In the journey you are in as an artist just stop and smell the coffee. Enjoy the journey and enjoy yourself. Be open to positive criticism and growth and also be willing to learn.

Besides music and radio what else are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about anything and everything to do about Africa. I love everything about TV and music production also social work is really huge to me.

What should we expect from you soon?

Next year I plan to release a new album and currently rehearsing with my band for the October Women’s Festival at New Muthaiga Shopping Mall grounds. It will be an amazing inspiring event.

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