Luoropeans do it yet again, have a look at the recent viral Advert!!

As they always put it, 'Luo is not a culture, Its a calling' and it couldn't have been put any better than through the recent promo for the upcoming Luo Festival set to take placeon the 26th & 27th of April 2014.

From Obama to Lupita to Daniel Adongo, no one has been spared in this AD and i can guarantee you once you watch it , you will be pumped up and ready to set your foot on the festival as well as enjoy a good laugh.

There will be performances by the likes of Suzanna Owiyo, Princess Jully, Idie Achieng to mention but a few with the MC's of the event being Jalang’o, Eric Omondi, Otoyo, Wilbroda and Owago Onyiro.

Have a look at the promo below and while at it, download one of the most viral Luo tracks yet by Otieno Aloka 'Kanungo Eteko' by following the link below.

Video courtesy: Oj John Oballa

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