# Celebrity Playlist: Kris Eeh Baba

Though our artists are always on the grind producing new music and material for their fans, they also are fans to other artists themselves which is why we sought to find out what one of Gospel musics top artist Kris Eeh Baba has on his playlist;

Here are some of the top songs on his playlist:

#1. Asusu - DK Kwenye Beat

#2. Zongelela - SOC

#3. Mama - Bahati

#4. DYM (Dawa Ya Mede) - Kris Eeh baba

#5. Didimia - Kelele Takatifu

#6. Msalaba - Kris Eeh Baba

#7. Nani_Kama_Wewe by Makena (Majic Mike beat.)

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