NEW MUSIC (KENYA): Gaza by Khaligraph Jones | Hip Hop Heavyweight Addresses Extra Judicial Killings In Kenya

Music is a mouthpiece to voice societal issues, as far as it is great when music is entertaining, there comes a time when issues in the society have to be addressed and there is no better way than through music.

Commanding a huge fan-base on the Kenyan entertainment scene, Khaligraph Jones has unveiled new visuals that has gotten many shocked until you get to listen to the track.

Dubbed “Gaza” this song is a dialogue between two people, one alive and one already deceased, both members of a gang, the deceased is trying to advice the one who is alive on halting his mission of seeking revenge by planning to kill the police officer responsible for his death and admitting that it was his way of living that resulted to him dying and if he does not change his ways, then the same fate awaits him.

“I’ve been having messed up nights and f**cked up days, now I’m supposed to chill now? There’s now way I’m doing that the nigga Hessy is still out here, we gon get him too my nigga. Coz all these sorrow Hessy is gon pay for it I promise to avenge your death bro wait for it” Khaligraph raps.

Produced by Blu Ink this track aims to address the recent extra judicial killings in Kenya and is accompanied by visuals depicting a dead guy and the alive friend in a conversations both played by Khaligraph Jones.

Directed by Johnson Kyalo for Blu Ink Films, watch the visuals below and share with us you thoughts on this one, enjoy.


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