‘Nakei Nairobi’ Hit-maker Mbilia Bel Back in Town 7 Years Later

Congolese songstress Mbilia Bel jetted into Nairobi Monday evening to a rousing welcome at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The singer is here for a much-anticipated concert tour dubbed Kenya Peace Tour  that will see her perform in Nairobi and Kisumu.

Mbilia was accompanied by three back-up singers. Four others will join her on Wednesday, June 28 from Kinshasa.

The highlight of her tour will bea concert as part of the 57th anniversary celebrations of the Congolese Independence Day next Friday at The New Meladen Club in Upper Hill, Nairobi.


Speaking to the Daily Nation on Monday, Mbilia Bel expressed her delight to be back in Kenya.

“I promise to give my Kenyan fans the best of both my old and new songs,” she said. She also briefly entertained fans with lines from her song "Signature" and jig.

According to the organisers, her Kenyan tour has been pegged on her evergreen hit “Nakei Nairobi” (I am going to Nairobi). She sang it with the legendary musician Tabu Leyin his Afrisa International Band in mid-1980s.

During that show, she will team up with her fellow Congolese and Nairobi-based singer General Defao. They are expected to relive their past collaboration by performing their earlier duet, “Copinage”. The Friday show will also be graced by Kenyan stars Kenge Kenge Orutu System known for their enticing percussions and folklore.

As part of her peace initiatives Earlier on Thursday, Mbilia and her entourage will visit Nairobi’s Lang’ata Women Prison on Thursday for motivational talks with the inmates. Later in the week, she will visit various other institutions as a build-up to the concerts.

Mbilia is arguably one of the best female singers from DR Congo, will on July 7 perform at Kisumu’s Victoria Railway Club. The Kisumu show will also feature performances by Kenyan stars Lady Maureen and Madanji Perimeter.

Source: nation.co.ke

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