Kris Eeh Baba releases 'My Baibe' video

As an artist your measure of success is always based on the reception and feedback you receive from your fans and for Kris Eeh Baba, it has been an overwhelming yet exciting journey to see how fast fans have grown to appreciate his latest new single 'My Baby' whose video will be out in the next 4 weeks.

"This song was a step out of my normal style of music and witnessing how receptive and accepting of it fans have been of it so far has been nothing but humbling; the first time i performed this single in Uganda where they hardly speak swahili, the reception was phenomenal its crazy i just pray that the video will deliver to my fans expectation of which Im certain it will"

Ever since its release date, My Baibe made its way into the top ten and top 25 charts showing how massive its effect is.

As we anticipate the actual video, have a look at the live performance of My Baibe and the crazy reception from Ugandan fans

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